Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment at Ellenbrook Dental Clinic

..Now you don’t have to lose a tooth !

At Ellenbrook Dental Clinic we use root canal treatment to find the cause of pain and then treat problems related to the tooth’s soft core, the dental pulp. In the past, teeth with diseased or injured pulps often were removed. Today, root canal treatment has given dentists a safe way of saving teeth.

The pulp is the soft tissue that contains nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue. It lies within the tooth and extends from the crown of the tooth to the tip of the root in the bone of the jaw.

When the pulp is diseased or injured and cannot repair itself, it dies. The most common cause of pulp death is a cracked tooth or a deep cavity. Both of these problems can let bacteria enter the pulp, causing an infection inside the tooth.

How To Know If I Need Root Canal Treatment

Only your dentist can determine whether a root canal treatment will adequately fix your problem. Here are a few possible symptoms of the need for a root canal and some steps for dealing with them.

Possible Symptoms

The most common symptom that may indicate the need for a root canal is tooth pain. The intensity of the pain can range from mild to severe; it may lessen or intensify throughout the day, or it may get worse only when you bite down on the tooth. Some patients experience prolonged sensitivity to hot food or liquids. Your gums may also feel tender and swollen near the problem area.

The pain suffered by some people can be quite severe and from time to time emergency care is highly recommended.

Before your dental pulp is too far gone, be sure to make a time to see us. It may just save you the painful future of losing a tooth.